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The boss from Italy came in this week and loved the new addition! He thought it was a great match to the existing building and was very impressed with the interior work! Again, great job to DCC and all of their subs!!

 – Joe Franck Vice President of Carroll Leather

 “Building a recording and audio post-production production facility is not a simple task. Construction methods are anything but typical, and tolerances are critical in order to achieve proper sound isolation and acoustics. What’s the highest recommendation I can give a building contractor? On time. On budget. And an even better end result than expected. In my experience, that’s pretty rare these days. But that’s what we received from Denver Construction. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

 – Fred Story, President, Concentrix Music and Sound Design

“Our company has been involved with Denver Construction over the past seven years and it is my pleasure to recommend them to anyone seeking a professional, well qualified and conscientious general contractor. I personally have never worked with a General Contractor that will give a project the attention to detail, budget and schedule. I am proud to recommend them.

– Brian Gaddis, Brian Gaddis Architects PLLC

“I have total confidence in DCC because I can count on them to make every project or property worry free for me, on time and on budget. What truly sets them apart is their service-mindedness including offering the on-call service. I don’t consider anyone else their competitor because they have proven that they are the only one to call.

– Doug Core, Core Commercial Properties, Prudential Carolinas Realty

“I have worked on projects in several large cities including Boston, MA, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Richmond, V A, to name a few, and I have never worked with a general Contractor that was more qualified and professional in any of those cities. From the preconstruction meeting where all of the subs showed up and committed to this project, to the final punch list walk through, I had nothing but respect and appreciation for what Denver Construction brought to this project.

- Mahaley Odell Thompson, AIA

Know-How & Experience

“It’s also important to note that Tracy Reitzell built credibility with me from our first meeting with a simple honest answer. When I asked if he’d ever built anything like a recording facility before, he said, “No we haven’t. But we know how to build…and we know how to listen.” And listen they did, coming up with creative solutions to many of the inevitable problems faced with a construction job of this complexity.

– Fred Story, President, Concentrix Music and Sound Design

"With each project, Kenneth Tucker and Tracy Reitzel are extremely involved from the beginning to end – and beyond. This is a rarity with General Contractors and we find it to be an enormous asset to our firm and clients. Additionally, the Project Managers are equally qualified, professional and give each of our projects the attention needed for a successful experience.

– Brian Gaddis, Brian Gaddis Architects PLLC

“Tracy Reitzell was always on top of any issues that related to the progress of the project and to any changes in the project's scope of work. He has a knack for knowing what things might cost and how long they will take. His personality is perfect for explaining situations in a professional, no nonsense manner … Everything is on the table, and everything is genuinely in the best interest of the project.”  

- Mahaley Odell Thompson, AIA

“I can't say enough good things about Mike Hawley … He earned the trust of the Town of Sylva people with whom he had to coordinate throughout the project. He also earned great praise from our local building inspector who is known for being very detail oriented …  Mike seemed to know the drawings better than I did at times. He would ask questions when things were unclear, and he would always have helpful suggestions for how we might want to proceed.”

- Mahaley Odell Thompson, AIA

Design/Build Done Right!

“DCC’s collaborative approach sets them apart as a general contractor. Because they have experience and knowledge to truly see the overall view, they are able to offer cost saving options.  The scope, depth and breadth of knowledge that exists at DCC are also impressive. I cannot think of any time where someone didn’t know what needed to be done or how to do it better.” 

– Doug Core, Core Commercial Properties, Prudential Carolinas Realty

“Inevitably situations present themselves during construction that require clarification from the Architect. This is where the site superintendents with Denver Construction excel at problem solving. We have worked with General Contractors in the past that will take a “what do you want me to do?” attitude. This is not the case with Denver’s superintendents. They immediately take the “may I suggest” approach. I have stated this about Denver in conversations with colleagues in the past and will continue to do so.” 

– Brian Gaddis, Brian Gaddis Architects PLLC

Diverse Capabilities. Exceptional Service

“When First Federal decided to renovate and add to our current facility, we knew we wanted to partner with a commercial builder that had a great reputation and integrity. We found that partner in DCC. From the planning, architect design, and construction phase, DCC demonstrated time and time again that they had listened. DCC employees and subcontractors were courteous and considerate of our need to stay open and do business while the construction was being completed. When necessary, work was scheduled for nights, weekends and holidays for the convenience of our staff and customers.” 

– CD Stroup, CEO, First Federal Savings Bank

“I have been working with Denver Construction Company for over a decade and have completed a dozen projects with an exceptional experience every time. They came highly recommended and have proven their value as a general contractor with diverse and extensive capability.” 

– Doug Core, Core Commercial Properties, Prudential Carolinas Realty

Unwavering Construction Excellence

“I have had the good fortune of doing business with Kenneth Tucker and his construction companies for over 27 years. In my opinion the greatest compliment his company could be paid is that of dealing with an "issue" or "problem" in a job. They almost never occurred, and when something did come up, it was addressed and resolved immediately. Communication with customers was excellent. Customers felt good about the process and the value of the product.” 

– Danny Richard, Senior V.P., Business Development Officer, Peoples Bank, Triangle Business Center

“DCC understands the big picture while being able to take care of the small details. Their knowledge and expertise is demonstrated in the details. Their focus on quality in construction is why they don’t miss simple solutions and are able to offer continuous recommendations throughout the process. … From accuracy of a quote to the communication and attention to details throughout the process of building and renovating, you will be hard pressed to find a company with this level of dedication and commitment to excellence in everything it does.

– Doug Core, Core Commercial Properties, Prudential Carolinas Realty

“Before we began building the new Concentrix, we met with and received bids from three contractors, including Denver Construction Company. While Denver’s bid was the lowest, this wasn’t the main reason we selected them for the job. It was critical to the long-term success of our company that the new facility be built right, not cheaply. I’m pleased to report … Denver Construction built it right. And they saved us money to boot.

– Fred Story, President, Concentrix Music and Sound Design

Our Team - Experience You Can Count On

Our ability to exceed clients' expectations begins with the experienced team assigned to serve your building and facility needs. And that is just the beginning. In the field and behind the scenes, you get a collaboration of skilled craftsman, experienced technicians, conscientious workers, dedicated supervisors, and meticulous project managers to see through every aspect of what needs to be done.

Our management team is committed to excellence so that you can build, expand and grow with confidence each and every time with us on YOUR team. DCC takes pride in the fact that a majority of our team have been with us for years. We take care of our people so they can totally focus on taking care of you.

Who We Serve

Denver Construction Company can be your trusted partner for growth. As you grow, we are there every step of the way whether it is to build a new location in another state, expand an existing facility, or handle building maintenance or emergency repairs. We are not just a contractor, but an extension of what helps your business operate at an advantage over your competition.


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